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Travelling with medication to Denmark

When travelling to Denmark from a country outside the EU/EEA you are only allowed to bring medicine covering a maximum of three months’ personal consumption. 

Medicine containing doping substances or euphoriant substances

You are only allowed to bring medicines containing euphoriant substances included on lists B, C, D, or E in the Danish executive order on euphoriant substances, however, only for 14 days personal consumption.

Note that it is illegal to possess doping substances in Denmark, unless the drugs are to be used for prevention or treatment of diseases. To prove this, you need a prescription for the medicine when you import the product into Denmark and during your stay in Denmark.

Note that you may be asked to document that the medicine was legally purchased. We recommend that you keep the doctor’s prescription and your receipt for the purchase.

In case of illegal import of medicines containing doping substances, the matter will be referred to the police.

If you are in doubt whether the medicines contain doping substances or euphoriant substances, or if you have questions about bringing medicines containing doping substances or euphoriant substances into Denmark, you can write to The Danish Medicines Authority at [email protected]

For additional information please visit the website of the Danish Medicine Authority.

Travelling with medication to Oceania

Information about travelling with medicine to Oceania can be found on the Danish version of our website