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Marriage in Denmark

If you are planning to marry in Denmark you will need to follow the guidelines listed below.

Marriage in Denmark for couples from abroad

In order to get married in Denmark you need to obtain a Certificate of Marital Status.

You have to apply for a Certificate of Marital License at The Danish Agency of Family Law if either you or your partner:

  • Are not a Danish citizen nor a citizen in a Nordic country (i.e. Finland, Sweden, Norway or Iceland)
  • Do not have a permanent residence permit, issued in Denmark
  • Do not have a permanent residence certificate under the Directive 2004/38/EC implemented in Danish law as “EU-Opholdsbekendtgørelsen”

You can read more about applying for a Certificate of Marital Status on the website of The Agency of Family LawPlease note that there is a fee associated with the application. An application will not be processed until the fee has been received.

You can also read more on marriage in Denmark on

If the above does not apply to you or your partner, you can apply to get married at your local municipality. Please read about getting married in Copenhagen or another municipality in Denmark by clicking here.

Additional information: 

  • Both parties must be 18 years of age
  • If one of the parties is under guardianship, documentation of the guardian's consent to the marriage must be presented. 
  • Same sex marriage is allowed in Denmark.

The Danish Marriage Act can be found by clicking here (Danish only).

Planning to get married in Australia?
It is not possible to get married at the Royal Danish Embassy in Canberra. For more information about getting married in Australia, please visit the website of the Danish Church in Australia by clicking here.