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Family history

There are a number of archives and options that you might explore in trying to research your family history.

Firstly, there are two archives in Denmark that people mainly use to trace their family history: 

The Danish State Archives 

Rigsdagsgården 9 
1218 København K 
Telephone: +45 33 92 33 10 
E-mail: [email protected] 

You can also search through parts of the archive online on the following link:

The other is the Danes Worldwide Archives in Aalborg where they keep the records of the Danes who have emigrated from Denmark: 
Arkivstræde 1 
PO BOX 1731 
9100 Aalborg 
Telephone: +45 99 31 42 20 
Fax: +45 98 10 22 48 
E-mail: [email protected]  
There is also The Danish Australian Archive at the State Library of Victoria. It can possibly help with details of a person’s arrival in Australia. Their contact details are:
The La Trobe Librarian 
State Library of Victoria 
Att. The Danish Australian Archive 
328 Swantston Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000