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The Embassy of Denmark

Canberra, Australia

Do you want the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills within diplomacy, trade and public affairs? Do you want to be part of a dedicated and ambitious team working for Denmark abroad? Do you want to get a deeper understanding of the diplomatic ties between Denmark and Australia? Now is your chance.

Apply for either a political or economic diplomacy internship at the Embassy of Denmark in Canberra, Australia. 

Applicants must be Danish students or have a close connection to Denmark.

We are now looking for a political intern and an economic diplomacy intern to join us for 6 months starting 1. August 2024. The application deadline is 1st of March. You can read more about the positions and how to apply in the following documents: 

Economic Diplomacy Intern August 2024

Political Intern August 2024



Experience of former interns

Anne Katrine Trier, Political Science at Aarhus University. Political intern 2023-24

My internship at the Danish Embassy in Canberra has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of Australian affairs, particularly in the realms of economics, trade, politics, and culture. 
As an intern in the political department, I have been actively involved in various activities, gaining insights into the intricate workings of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Australia. My responsibilities have included research on political developments, drafting reports, and participating in diplomatic meetings and briefings.
The transition to live in Canberra was seamless, and I found it remarkably easy to establish a social life and make new friends here. The challenges encountered during the internship have provided valuable experiences that I am confident will be beneficial in my future career.


Liv Skak, Political Science at Copenhagen University. Economic Diplomacy intern 2023-24 

My internship at the Danish Embassy in Australia has given me valuable insights into international politics and the diplomatic landscape in Oceania. It has given me knowledge about how Denmark and Australia collaborate within the political field, trade, and economic diplomacy, as well as highlighting the cultural similarities between the two countries. As a part of the Economic Diplomacy team, I have contributed to the embassy's initiatives related to the green transition, energy transition, and diplomatic responsibilities in this domain.
Beyond my professional experiences at the embassy, I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Australia. Canberra, though a smaller city, has a number of young Australians who come here to start their careers as young officials. I have found that people in Canberra are very open, laid-back and happy to form new friendships.