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Processing times for Schengen visa

PLEASE NOTE: An application for a Schengen Visa can be lodged no more than THREE MONTHS before the intended arrival in the Schengen region and no less than 15 calendar days before the departure from Australia or New Zealand.

According to the Visa Code the maximum processing time of a bona fide visa application is 15 calendar days. The 15 days are counted from the day where the Danish Consulate General in Sydney receives the application from VFS Global and deems it admissible. The shipment of the application between VFS Global and the Danish Consulate General comes on top of the 15 days. Therefore it is recommended to submit the application with VFS Global a minimum of 3 weeks before the intended date of departure. 

If the supporting documentation is incomplete, the applicant will be contacted and given a deadline for providing this documentation. If the deadline is ignored, the application may be refused on the basis of missing documentation.

The processing period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably if further scrutiny of the application is needed or in cases of representation where the authorities of the represented Schengen State are consulted.

Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

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