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Arriving in Denmark BEFORE the residence and work permit is granted

Please read the below information carefully as it answers the most common questions concerning travelling to Denmark before the residence and work permit is granted and it also explains how to submit your application in Denmark after arrival if you are a visa free national.

Arriving in Denmark without the residence permit

If you submit your application in Australia or New Zealand but depart Australia or New Zealand BEFORE the residence and work permit is granted, please contact the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) or the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) depending on which type of application you have submitted and notify them of your contact details in Denmark. DIS/STAR will then contact you directly when they have reached a decision.

If you do not contact DIS/SIRI after arriving in Denmark, the decision will be sent to the Consulate General in Sydney. We will post it to your nominated address in Australia or New Zealand. We do not send decisions from Australia to Denmark and we are not allowed to send them via e-mail as they contain personal information about the applicant.

Queries regarding your application or residence permit

After arriving in Denmark please address any questions regarding your application or residence permit to the appropriate office in DIS/SIRI in Copenhagen. DIS and SIRI are the official Danish immigration authorities that process and grant or refuse the applications and issue the residence cards and therefore you should always contact them directly.
Please do not address your questions to the Danish Consulate General in Sydney after arriving in Denmark as we will only refer you back to DIS or SIRI.

Registering in Denmark

Once the residence permit has been granted and you have arrived in Denmark, you must register as a resident of Denmark with the Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR). You must report in person to the registration office - the so called 'Folkeregister' - in your municipality within 5 days. Approximately 2-3 weeks after you register you will receive the residence card by mail.

With a CPR-number you will among other things be able to open a bank account, register for tax and be covered by the Danish public health system.

Submitting your application in Denmark

If you are staying legally in Denmark on the grounds of a visa free stay, you can usually submit your application in Denmark, unless particular reasons say otherwise (please check with DIS/SIRI before you travel!). This means that Denmark allows Australian and New Zealand citizens and other citizens who are visa free to travel to Denmark visa free and submit their application upon arrival. However we must stress that a successful outcome of the application remains conditional upon the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of and provide the necessary documentation for the residence and work permit applied for. If an application submitted in Denmark is refused any expenses incurred including travel and other related expenses remain the responsibility of the applicant.

For information on where to submit your application in Denmark, please go to the website of DIS/SIRI. Go to the specific page regarding the type of residence permit you wish to apply for and then check under the 'How to apply' button. Sometimes the answer is found here but other times you have to click on another button called something like: 'The application process', 'Application, processing and decision' or similar.

PLEASE NOTE: While the application is being processed, the visa free national is staying in Denmark as a tourist and is not covered by the Danish public health system. We therefore strongly recommend that the applicant is covered by a valid travel medical insurance until the permit has been granted and registration with CPR has taken place.

Check with the airline if entering the Schengen region BEFORE the permit is granted

IF you intend to enter the Schengen region* visa free BEFORE the permit is granted, please contact the airline and check which further documentation if any is required in order to allow you to board the flight into the Schengen region. If for example you are travelling on a one-way ticket OR if your return flight out of the Schengen region is more than 90 days after your arrival, the airline may ask for documentation of for example enrolment with a Danish educational institution, work contract, adequate funds in your possession to purchase a return flight (should your permit be refused) or documentation that your return ticket is flexible and can be rescheduled for departure within the 90 days. The requirements differ from airline to airline so please make sure to contact the airline that brings you into the Schengen region well in advance of your departure from Australia/New Zealand.

If You are Not an Australian or New Zealand National

Please check on the Danish Immigration Service's website whether or not you are a visa free national.

If you are not a visa free national but require a D-visa in your passport in order to enter Denmark you cannot travel to Denmark before the residence and work permit and D-visa is granted. 

*The Schengen Region includes: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,  the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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