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Passport for children under 18 years

It is imperative that both holders of legal custody over a child consent before a Danish representation can process an application for a passport to a child. In cases where both holders of custody are unable to attend personally, we offer the possibility of giving digital consent.

You can give digital consent for a passport to your child if you have a Danish CPR number and NEM-ID. Your child does not need to have a Danish CPR number.

Give digital consent here.

Once you have filled the consent form and signed with your NEM-ID, you can prind a receipt. We will also send the receipt to your digital mailbox (e-box). The consent is valid for 90 days.

As a starting point, one parent should attend personally with the child. In cases where none of the custody holders can attend, both custody holders can give digital consent.

If the application is lodged in Canberra or Sydney you need to bring only 1 copy of the documentation below.

If the application is lodged at one of our Honorary Consulates for a child younger than 12 years or lodged at our Biometric Visits, you need to bring 2 copies of the documentation below.

  • Application form duly completed by both parents. The form can be downloaded from this page.
  • Both parents must be present at the time of application. (Only in exceptional cases we can give dispensation to this requirement. In such cases identifying documentation for both parents must be supplied. The mission will contact the absent parent to verify the consent).

  • In case of one parent holding sole custody, formal documentation must be supplied.

  • Copy of the childs birth certificate - if it is the childs first passport

  • The child's old passport plus copy - only if one has been issued before.

  • Copy of the parent's marriage certificate - for children born prior to 1 July 2014 of a Danish father and it is the child's first passport. Children born after 1 July 2014 are able to obtain passports without a marriage certificate - if either parent is a Danish citizen.

  • Copy of the data page of the Danish parent's passport - only if it is the child's first passport.

  • Passport photo (just in case the child cannot sit still long enough for us to take a good photo here). Please see the photo requirements here.

  • Application fee Prod. no. 102 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs list of fees. Please note that the Embassy in Canberra only accepts payment by card (except American Express and Diners Club cards). Alternativelt, a request can be made for an electronic transfer to the Embassy's bank account. Consulate General in Sydney only accept EFTPOS cards connected to a savings or cheque account as approved means of payment. Cash, cheques and money orders are not accepted as a form of payment. Credit Cards will only be accepted exceptionally in cases where the customer is a Danish citizen travelling through Australia and not in possession of a Australian EFTPOS card.

  • Further to the above we may also request documentation of a valid residence permit for the country of residence. If we consider this to be necessary we will request this upon submission of the application. For applicants residing in Australia this could be a Visa Entitlement Verification (VEVO) from Dept. of Home Affairs.

  • The child must be present when submitting the application form.

Passports for children under 12 years of age submitted at an Honorary Consulate

When applying for a passport for a child under the age of 12 at an Honorary Consulate, the same documentation must be presented as for children under 18 as listed above. In addition two printed passport photos (see photo requirements here) must be enclosed.

It is always a requirement that the child is present upon application for us to verify the identity. 

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