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Automatic retention of Danish citizenship

If you were born abroad according to the 22-year-rule but have resided in Denmark for a period of more than three consecutive months before turning 22, your Danish citizenship may be considered retained. However we always recommend that you obtain a certificate of retention regardless.


A Danish passport can only be issued on the basis of automatic retention if the passport issuing mission can verify the residence in Denmark through the Danish Civil Register (CPR). If for example the Civil Register does not show a residential address in Denmark for the same period as you claim to have lived there OR if the residence noted in the Civil Register does not add up to three months minimum OR if the Civil Register was not notified when you gave up residence in Denmark so it appears that you were residing in Denmark for a longer period of time than you claim, a passport cannot be issued until a certificate of Danish citizenship from the Danish Nationality Division has been obtained.

Please note that if the passport issuing mission has any doubt about the registration in the Civil Register and whether you have automatically retained your Danish citizenship or not, we have no authority to make a decision but must refer you to the Danish Nationality Division and ask you to apply for a certificate of retention of Danish citizenship before issuing a passport.

For information on how to apply for a certificate of Danish citizenship, please click here.

Please contact the The Nationality Division directly.
Tel.: +45 72 26 87 00. Monday and Thursday from 9 to 11 (local time).