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Danish nationals born abroad: The 22-year rule and retention of Danish citizenship

As a general rule, Danish nationals born abroad lose their Danish citizenship when reaching the age of 22. However retention of Danish citizenship may be granted provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

As a consequence of the 22-year-rule Danish passports can only be issued to children born abroad until their 22nd birthday. In order to have a Danish passport issued after the 22nd birthday, you should present a certificate of retention of Danish citizenship along with the passport application.

Application for retention of Danish citizenship

It is highly recommended that you apply for retention of Danish citizenship before you turn 22 years of age, otherwise you may lose your Danish citizenship.

Click here for information about how to apply BEFORE you turn 22.

If you have already turned 22 years of age, you may still be eligible for retention of Danish citizenship if you meet certain criteria.

Click here for information about how to apply AFTER you turn 22.