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Virtual Incubator Program

The Virtual Incubator Program provides Danish companies the opportunity to be present within the Australian market with or without having an established local subsidiary. The program provides foreign companies with a virtual office which includes; an Australian address, Australian phone number, and access to an Australian meeting facility.

This service allows the Danish company to share an address at the Royal Danish Trade Council. Sydney is a thriving commercial hotspot that hosts well-known local and global brands.  Being able to advertise a location within the heart of Sydney is an effective strategy to accumulate local interest and legitimise presence within Australia.

This program also provides our clients with an Australian phone number. If Danish companies wish to effectively communicate with potential Australian consumers, a local point of contact is essential. As well as providing an Australian phone number, we will also ensure that the line operates within local business hours. One of our trade specialists will be appointed to handle incoming messages as instructed by the client. 

Lastly, this service also provides access to a meeting facility within Australia. If a client wishes to host a physical meeting on Australian land, they are able to use the Danish Trade Council’s office space. Our client is able to host important meetings in a professional setting with an amazing view of the Harbour.

Contact us to learn more about this service.