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Partner and Distributor Search

For many businesses, engaging in partnerships with foreign companies is an effective way to enter new markets. Partnering with a foreign entity allows companies to expand their customer reach, access local resources, and tap into regional expertise. Mitigation of risk through sharing profit and loss outcomes is another advantage of such collaboration. The locally acquired partner is also able to help their foreign counterpart navigate local laws and regulations with ease.

The Danish Trade Council offers a Partner/Distributor Search service to help Danish companies achieve collaborations with Australian counterparts. Our process begins with defining and outlining partnership criteria with our client. Once this criteria has been approved, we engage in market research to identify potential partners and/or distributors within Australia and/or New Zealand. Using our extensive industry networks, direct contacts, and local cultural knowledge - we then screen these potential partners and/or distributors to determine if they are an appropriate match. We deliver this essential data to our client who will then approve or disapprove the matches. The Danish Trade Council will then liaise with these potential partners and/or distributors on the behalf of our client as to secure a business relationship. Following successful connection, The Danish Trade Council will facilitate meetings between the two counterparts to ensure a smooth process and successful outcome for both parties. 

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