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A strategic business alliance allows you to join forces with other Danish companies to develop and execute a market expansion strategy with efficiency and extensive reach. The alliance is formulated with a sector-focus and is comprised of companies that complement each other to offer a unique mix of capabilities to benefit the desired target segment.

Our highly competent team delivers substantial technical expertise, and decades of commercial and business development experience. With these competencies in place, the team is perfectly equipped to aid alliances in achieving their goals. As the Trade Council is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our team has unique access to both public and private target clients – giving us a competitive advantage over other organisations.

Our transparency, technical expertise and hands-on approach has enabled several successful projects. Our targeted approach across a multitude of industries (particularly water, energy, mining, and food processing) has allowed us to grow and establish an expansive network of repeat clients – giving alliances strong foundations.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • Access to senior decision makers within the desired industry,
  • Access to public policy makers and important stakeholders,
  • Access industry information,
  • Identification and scoping of key relevant projects,
  • Synergy with complementary companies to build a strong product and service mix towards end-users, and
  • Opportunity to have an industry expert advisor from the Trade Council to assist in opening doors and identifying market needs that suit the capabilities of the alliance.

Additionally, the alliance will help companies to generate qualified leads and produce international/local sales interest. The Trade Council also offers tailored services to its alliance members, for example: hosting a round-table meeting with select stakeholders. Over time, you will find that our team, and yours, will work in great synergy to help you achieve your operational and/or political goals.

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