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Wind Power

Denmark has been a first mover in the wind power industry for decades. On- and offshore wind turbines provide more than 20 per cent of Denmark’s electricity consumption. This is the highest level of wind power integration in the world. By 2020, wind power is expected to account for up to 50 per cent of the Danish electricity supply.

Securing a stable supply

Phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable energy sources such as wind will require a flexible power grid capable of handling fluctuations in the energy supply on days when the wind is not blowing.  

Denmark’s large-scale wind power integration is made possible by a well-developed transmissions infrastructure. The Danish grid is connected to the neighbouring countries, allowing for the import and export of energy during peak periods. As Denmark continues to develop and expand a flexible and intelligent national power grid, it will be possible to integrate even more wind power in the system. 

Global hub for wind energy innovation

Denmark is a global hub for wind power innovation and development. The Danish wind industry encompasses more than 350 companies and employs 25,000 people. Wind industry companies from all over the world have located central parts of their R&D operations in Denmark, and the concentration of companies covering the entire wind power value chain is unparalleled elsewhere in the world.

These companies can deliver end-to-end solutions all the way from research and development through production and assembly to operations and maintenance. Thus, it may come as no surprise that one in every three wind turbines and nine out of ten offshore turbines in operation worldwide are based on Danish technology or know-how.

The availability of a highly skilled workforce, superb facilities for testing prototypes and a comprehensive network of companies, research institutions and government research programmes make up an innovative R&D environment like no other place in the world.

Join the Future. Think Denmark.