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Water & Environment

Today clean water is a limited resource, and with a world population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050, it is also a resource under increasing pressure – in less than twenty years from now, the world could face a 40 per cent global shortfall between forecast demand and available supply. Climate changes only increase the need for proper management of water resources and optimisation of usage and treatment.

Denmark has a strong international position

Surrounded by water, Danes have always taken pride in preserving it. The first wastewater plan was formulated back in 1976. The groundwater is clean and drinkable, and thorough treatment along with a modernisation of the sewage system makes the water in the Copenhagen harbour clean enough to swim in. Wastewater in Denmark is handled by around 1,400 water treatment plants before it is released back into nature.

Denmark is highly acclaimed internationally for its in-depth knowhow, technology and solutions within the fields of water management, pumps, sewage treatment and desalination. Both when it comes to intake, treatment and distribution of water, the Danish water industry provides top-rate, energyefficient solutions to these issues. 

Taking care of waste and the environment

In recent years, global megatrends like urbanisation have created new demands on the water equipment industry. Danish companies cater to these demands in the form of tailor-made solutions for both access to water and wastewater treatment. Denmark is also in the forefront internationally when it comes to recycling of products and materials. Through the use of recycling stations and waste incineration, Denmark has a high rate of reutilisation, and waste is seen as a resource. Not only are batteries, paper and other elements separated before the remaining waste is incinerated – Denmark also has a well-functioning deposit and return system for cans and bottles that ensures little waste and littering in nature. Less than 3 per cent of waste in Denmark ends up in landfills.

With existing technology, the Danish water and waste industry can provide the solutions to protect water and the environment for generations to come.

Join the Future. Think Denmark.