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Intelligent Energy

Intelligent energy is all about managing energy more efficiently than ever before. Demand for energy keeps growing worldwide, and the use of it must become more sustainable. At the same time there is a growing need for an expansion and modernisation of the existing energy infrastructure. This will require a systematic optimisation of the energy system, and today’s power grids will gradually transform into interactive, transparent and environment-friendly smart grids, often interconnecting regions, countries or even continents.

The power of smart grid

Danish technology and know-how in the field of intelligent energy are renowned internationally. Consultants and manufacturing companies offer state-of-the-art advice and products within energy management systems, power transmission, distribution solutions and power electronics.

Today, some 20 per cent of Denmark’s electricity consumption is based on wind energy, and the Danish power grid is connected to the Swedish, Norwegian and German grids, allowing export of excess electricity when domestic production is high and import when production is low.

Balancing supply and demand

One example of Denmark’s visionary approach to intelligent energy is the world’s largest full-scale intelligent power grid currently under construction. The project, already attracting widespread international attention, will determine how a whole region can become selfsufficient in energy by means of sustainable power.

Moving toward fossil independence means that renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, biomass and waves become ever more important. Therefore the energy system of the future must be intelligent and able to communicate with consumers to constantly balance supply and demand. Demand will be increasingly adapted to suit power generation – unlike today, where it is the other way round. Based on decades of experience, Denmark is thus well advanced when it comes to utilisation of intelligent energy.

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