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New online Schengen visa application system

30.05.2019  05:49

On the 6 June 2019 The Danish Consulate General Sydney will change over from its current online visa application platform VSS to a new online system APPLYVISA. It will from the 6 June 2019 therefore become mandatory for the applicant to type in the application online as well as pay the application fee online via APPLYVISA.

If you have already booked an appointment with VFS Global or typed your application into the old system VSS before 6 June 2019, you can still bring the cover letter through VSS into VFS Global up until 28 June 2019.

From 1 July 2019 VFS Global will only accept Schengen visa applications entered into APPLYVISA. Should you have entered your application into VSS and your appointment with VFS is on or after 1 July 2019, you will need to re-enter your application details into APPLYVISA before your appointment. VFS Global have computers or tablets available at their offices should you not have access to a computer.

Please note that you will still need to bring all supporting documents with your application for your appointment with VFS Global as previously.

You can access APPLYVISA here.

If you need further clarification on above please do not hesitate to contact The Danish Consulate General Sydney or VFS Global for further instructions.