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The Danish People’s Party regrets statement by Marie Krarup

In recent days Marie Krarup has been the subject of media attention, following a blog post concerning the Defence Committee's trip to New Zealand. 

It has caused a stir, since it seemed that Marie Krarup's blog post appeared to ridicule New Zealand's official way of receiving the Defence Committee. The deputy leader of The Danish People's Party and spokesman on foreign affairs, Søren Espersen, has made a comment on Marie Krarup's blog posting:

- The Defence Committee went to New Zealand as official guests, and I would like to point out that the committee's members – like all other guests – must naturally respect the host country and its customs. Just as I think that people who visit Denmark must respect Denmark and our customs, we must do the same when we travel abroad. This obviously also applies to Members of Parliament from the Danish People's Party, says Søren Espersen. The Danish People's Party expresses dismay at Marie Krarup's blog posting – and the unfortunate affair which has resulted from it.

We note that Marie Krarup has stated that the post was meant as a satirical piece, and that she did not intend to cause offence to the people of New Zealand.

Factual information: The Danish People’s Party is one of 12 parties in Danish Parliament. The Government consist of The Social Democratic Party, The Social Liberal Party and The Socialist People’s Party.
10.04.2013  02:27