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Connie hedegaard has arrived in Australia

26.08.2015  06:32

Former EU Commissioner and Danish Minister Connie Hedegaard is in Australia, conveying messages about climate change that resonate throughout the Australian media.


In Sydney, Connie Hedegaard met Danish and Australian companies in the green tech sector and spoke with great success to an audience of over 2.400 participants at the 2015 Sydney Citytalk. A key message being that Australia must choose it's way to deal with climate change, but other co...untries are moving forward and Australia must act to avoid major economic shocks in the future. She pointed towards Denmark as a living proof of making a green transition that is economically sustainable.

In Canberra, Connie Hedegaard will deliver the 2015 Schuman Lecture at the Australian National University. She will also meet representatives of the federal government and the ACT government, officials, academics and business representatives from the energy sector.