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New report on sustainability initiatives in Copenhagen

The Report ‘Copenhagen Solutions for Sustainable Cities’ gives an insight to Copenhagen’s ambitious sustainability initiatives.
05.02.2013  06:47
Reducing CO2 emissions is just a small part of being a sustainable city. Equally important is expanding the economy and improving the quality of life for the residents.

As part of urban planning Copenhagen has embraced the widespread bicycle culture with ambition to accommodate the city’s many bicycles. This has inspired urban planners all over the world to “Copenhagenize” their cities.

Copenhagen has invested in a modernisation of the sewage systems which has improved the water quality in the harbour to such an extent that Copenhagen has opened its first public harbour bath in the center of the city. Today the harbour is one of the most trendy spots in the city. During spring and summer the area is bustling with families, students and businessmen having a swim.

Furthermore, solutions to support wind energy, waste management strategy and a more conscious focus on sustainable buildings is helping Copenhagen to become a more sustainable city.

To read the report, press this link: