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Students from universities in New Zealand

ST1 application

If you are to study in Denmark for more than 90 days, a residence and work permit for students is required. The application is called ST1 and can be lodged in hardcopy or online. The ST1 application consists of two parts: one that your host university/educational institution in Denmark completes and one that you - the applicant - completes.

Please note: You can only commence the application process once your host university/educational institution in Denmark has completed their part of the ST1 application and forwarded your part of the application to you either in hardcopy or as a link to your online application.


Biometric Data

On the 20th of May 2012 Denmark along with other EU countries introduced biometric data in residence cards. The biometric data is the digitally captured photo, fingerprints and signature of the applicant. Regardless of whether the application is lodged in hardcopy or online, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) does not commence the processing of the application until they have received the biometric data of the applicant. Failure to have your biometric data captured may cause the application to be refused. If you lodge the application online you must have your biometric data captured within 14 days from the time of lodgement. 


Applying from New Zealand

In New Zealand it is visa application centre VFS Global who is responsible for receiving the applications and capturing the biometric data of the applicants.

The applications and biometric data are transferred on a daily basis to the Danish Consulate General in Sydney. The Consulate General in Sydney checks the hardcopy applications and biometric data before forwarding them to SIRI for processing.

VFS Global is located in Auckland.
For enquiries and to make an appointment please contact VFS Global:

Tel. no.: +64 9369 5669
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9 am to 3 pm (telephone open till 5 pm)

Please note: You cannot lodge your application or have your biometric data captured at any of the Danish Consulates in New Zealand.



VFS Global is not qualified or authorised to answer questions concerning Danish immigration legislation or the individual circumstance of the applicant. They can only answer questions relating to the application process.

If you have a question that VFS Global cannot answer you are welcome to contact the Danish Consulate General in Sydney on tel. no. +61 2 9247 2224 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 noon or by e-mail to:


How to apply 

  1. Go to the website of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration and create a case order ID, pay the processing fee and print the receipt.  This fee must be paid online by credit card. The current fee for a ST1 application is DKK 2,110 (2018 rate).
  2. Then either

      a) Lodge the hardcopy application with all supporting documents in person to VFS Global and have your biometric data captured or

      b) Lodge your application and upload all supporting documents online and within the next 14 days go to VFS Global in person to have your biometric data captured.

When lodging your application online you are requested to upload all documentation including clear, good quality copies of all pages of your passport and the cover. Should you fail to upload all the documentation, you may hand in remaining documentation to VFS Global in hardcopy on the day of your appointment.


Processing time

Currently up to two months. For further information please see SIRI's service goals on


Additional fees

Applications lodged from New Zealand incur three additional fees regardless of whether they are lodged in hardcopy or online.

  1. VFS Global’s service fee of NZD 47.50 (2018 rate)
  2. A courier fee of NZD 83.00 (2018 rate)
  3. A consular fee of NZD 350.00 (2018 rate) for the involvement of the Danish Consulate General in Sydney in checking and forwarding the applications and biometric data to SIRI.

These fees are payable to VFS Global on the day of your appointment and subject to change without further notice. For the correct fee please check here.


What to bring to VFS Global when you lodge a HARDCOPY application

  1. The ST1 application form duly completed and signed
  2. Your original passport plus clear, good quality copies of all pages of your passport including the cover and blank pages
  3. The receipt for the online payment of the processing fee to SIRI
  4. Documentation that you are enrolled in an educational institution in your home country (if you are a guest or exchange student)
  5. Documentation of adequate funds for the stay in Denmark in your name. This could be a bank statement or documentation of a scholarship or student loan. The documentation must be in original and not be older than one month at the time you lodge the application. If an original bank statement is supported by a more recent internet bank printout, the printout must be validated by the bank with a stamp and a signature of a bank employee. Please note that statements from joint accounts are not accepted. The 2018 amount is equivalent of DKK 6,090 per month of your stay.
  6. Two courier bags for local courier deliveries within New Zealand (unless you wish to collect your passport and later the decision in person from the VFS Global office).


What to bring when you have lodged your application ONLINE and only need to have your biometric data captured

  1. Original passport plus one copy of the data page
  2. Copy of the confirmation e-mail that your application was lodged successfully online (only the e-mail – not a printed version of the application form!)
  3. Two courier bags for local courier deliveries within New Zealand (unless you wish to collect your passport and later the decision in person from the VFS Global office).


Lodging the application in Denmark

Some applicants who are visa free (do not require a visa in their passport in order to travel to Denmark) can also lodge the application or have biometric data captured in Denmark after arrival. For more information on how to lodge your application in Denmark, please see SIRI's website:

If you chose to lodge your application in Denmark during a visa free stay, then you only have to pay the online processing fee (the one on SIRI’s website when you create the case order ID). However please be aware that applying from Denmark does not change the processing time of up to 2 months!

Please also see our information about arriving in Denmark before the permit is granted.


Further information

For further information about how to apply from New Zealand, please check our website.
For general information about residence permits for students please see SIRI’s website:

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