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Important information to university students going on exchange to Denmark

This information is specifically aimed at university students regarding how to obtain a residence and work permit for Denmark from Australia or New Zealand.

Every semester students from universities in Australia and New Zealand go to Denmark on exchange. If the exchange is for more than 90 days, the student must obtain a residence and work permit for Denmark. When applying for the residence and work permit, students may receive information from up to four different entities:

  1. The university/educational institution in Denmark where the exchange is going to take place
  2. The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) in Denmark which is the competent Danish authority processing the applications for  residence and work permits
  3. VFS Global in Australia or New Zealand which is the visa application centre where the applicants must lodge their applications and/or have their biometric data captured
  4. The Danish Consulate General in Sydney who receives all applications and biometric data from VFS Global and forwards them to SIRI for processing

With information from so many different sources, it can be hard piecing it all together and understanding the process correctly. On the links below we give you clear instructions and information of the application process in an attempt too ensure a smooth process for everyone involved.

Please read the information on below links thoroughly before you start the process.

Students from universities in Australia

Students from universities in New Zealand


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