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Marriage in Denmark

If you are planning to marry in Denmark you need to follow the guidelines listed below.

According to the Danish Marriage Act and rules prescribed by the Danish Ministry of Justice, the following documents and declaration are required in order to be married in Denmark:

  • Birth certificate and valid passport.
  • Note: If your name has been legally changed since the issuance of your birth certificate or passport, you should present an official court decree to this effect.
    If either of the parties has been previously married, proof must be submitted that such marriage has been dissolved. If the previous marriage was terminated by death, a death certificate or a probate court certificate must be presented. Also in the case of previous marriage evidence must be submitted that all community property, if any, has been legally divided. 
  • If a marriage has been dissolved in a foreign country, it is required that the decree of divorce or annulment clearly shows that it is a final decree, that no appeal has been filed, and that the parties are free to remarry. 
  • Each party must declare whether he or she has any natural or adopted children, or is expecting children by another man or woman. 
  • A declaration must be given to the effect that neither of the parties is related to the other by blood, through marriage or through adoption.

Additional information: 

  • If one of the parties is under 18, and has not been previously married, evidence must be presented that the parents’ consent to the marriage. Furthermore, you must contact the administrative authority who will conduct the ceremony to obtain permission to marry if you are under 18. 
  • If one of the parties is under guardianship, documentation of the guardian's consent to the marriage must be presented. 
  • Same sex marriage is allowed in Denmark.

The Danish Marriage Act can be found by clicking here (Unfortunately the information is only available in Danish).

The above declarations are all contained in a form which may be obtained at the Marriage Office/"Bryllupskontoret", City Hall, Raadhuspladsen, DK-1599 Copenhagen V, Denmark, phone +45 33 66 23 34. "Bryllupskontoret" in the city where the marriage is to take place, will furnish additional information as may be needed. Please be aware that both parties are personally to sign their own form. You can read more about getting married in Copenhagen or another municipality in Denmark by clicking here (Unfortunately the information is only available in Danish).

Planning to get married in Australia?
It is not possible to get married at the Royal Danish Embassy in Canberra. For more information about getting married in Australia, please visit the website of the Danish Church in Australia by clicking here.

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