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The embassy in Canberra and the trade office in Sydney offer internships in the political section (Canberra only) as well as the commercial section. The internships are of 6 months duration.

The applicants must either be Danish citizens or have had a close connection to Denmark for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is a requirement that you are enrolled in a Danish or foreign university and must have completed a Bachelor degree. You must also master both Danish and English orally as well as in writing.


The Embassy in Canberra has currently no open positions.

The Royal Danish Consulate and the Danish Trade Council have currently no open positions. Next round of applications is expected to open in January/February.




Embassy, Canberra

Nikolaj Bundgaard-Nielsen

Political intern

P: +61 (2) 6270 5301



Joakim Vallø Nielsen

Trade intern

P: +61 (2) 6270 5300




Trade Council, Sydney

Sarah Skou Andreasen 
Trade Intern

P: +61 (2) 8298 5711



Julie Arnold

Trade Intern

P: +61 (2) 8298 5706